“Operation Mato Grosso was born by young people and must be in their hands. They must feel free to do, undo, change things forever…. this is the OMG spirit. It will stay alive in the hearts of the people.”

Fr. Ugo De Censi

Who We Are

Beyond Borders was established to support the American youth in their effort to raise money and goods for Operation Mato Grosso’s missions in South America.

In Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru, our volunteers carry on numerous activities in different sectors: education, labor, health, agriculture, technology, social and religious.

What We Do

Our groups meet 2-3 times per week during their free time to do volunteer work in landscaping, painting, moving, or cleaning. Everything they earn in pay goes directly to the charity.

We are always trying to improve our work – contact us to learn about our charity work and how you can volunteer, donate, or provide us with work.

Why We Have Two Names

Fr. Ugo knew that Operation Mato Grosso was more than a name – it was a mission, a movement to change the hearts and lives of young people across the world. He never wanted our charities to legally carry its name so that, in this way, we could preserve the movement as an idea. Instead, each country/region has its own legal name for its OMG charity, and in the US, we chose “Beyond Borders” to challenge ourselves to see humanity as one family. And when we put all these charities together – in Italy, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, and now the US – we find the true spirit behind Operation Mato Grosso.

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