“The number of people, friends, or strangers who come to visit our missions here is always growing. Many times, they come to help. Looking at the work we do is not sufficient to get to know us. It is the spirit that moves us to get rid of the errors and defects that tarnish the ideal. Your help is needed to continue down this path; abandoning it would be like removing God from our lives.”

Fr. Ugo De Censi

Beyond Borders, like the Operation Mato Grosso, is entirely run by volunteers. Your donation will go directly to support our charity programs.

Anonymous User

Jody Wharry

$1,200.00 February 19, 2021

Would like to purchase a toolbox for a woodworker, but please use the money where the need is the greatest.

Anonymous User


$1.00 November 3, 2020
Anonymous User

Jacqueline Glinka

$10.00 June 8, 2020

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